Privacy Policy

General Information.

Your confidentiality and private information will be protected in Argo casino. Privacy Policy has been implemented to familiarize our users with what kind of data is gathered on the site, for what purpose and in what way. In this Privacy Policy, we describe how the private information of the players is processed and how they are informed of their rights. Data processing of users takes place within the framework of data protection rules, comprising the European general rule of data protection. Having agreed with the Privacy Policy, the user (hereinafter named player) gives his consent to the use of his private information, as indicated in this Privacy Policy. Once in a while, we will renew this Privacy Policy. We will notify you about the changes by posting the amended terms on the website, you should sometimes re-read the Privacy Policy to be aware of any changes.

What kind of personal information do we collect?

We collect personal information when you interact with us and use our services. Sometimes this information is provided by you - for example, while registering. Sometimes external-party or public sources provide us with information about you.

Information you provide to us

At registration
  • Your personal details, such as your name, email address, postal address, telephone or mobile number, gender or date of birth;
  • Confirmation of address documents and photo identification (to carry out due diligence)
  • Bank and financial data (for determining the source of funds)
  • Account login information, such as username and password
By using services of
  • Data on how you interact with our site
  • Data about browsing demeanor on the websites, mobile applications and other materials on the Internet;
  • Information about any appliances that are used to access our services (for example, model, operating system, IP address, browser type, mobile device ID)
  • Recording correspondence - we can track or record correspondence with you. We do this to make sure that we have fulfilled your request correctly; to solve problems; to improve the quality of service; to detect or prevent fraudulent activity or for the purpose of training our employees.
Other providers of private information
  • We make use of external party data to get some details about you, for instance, your Twitter or Facebook in order to render more efficient customization.
  • Information obtained from our proven partners and from other institutions, like tailored enterprises granting verification offers, lending institutions and cheat precluding institutions.
  • Publicly accessible providers, like postcode search.
Data on external parties

If you want to make private data about someone else available (for example via a Refer a Friend scheme) then you should not do so without their approval. If information is rendered by you about someone else, or someone else encompasses information about you, it may be supplemented to any private information that is previously gathered by us. This roster of personal data types is not comprehensive and forthcoming information may be queried from you when believes it straight and essential to do so.

Website Analytics

To grant more efficient usage and operation of the product, the organization takes advantages of the «Cookie» files. Cookie – is a small piece of text information that a website sends to your browser. The browser will keep this data and return it with each query on your site, giving us an opportunity to "distinguish" You once you subsequently attend our platform. Further guidelines on how to extract or regulate the files «cookie» are located on the website Note that removal of "Cookie" files or blocking them may contribute to limited access to some parts of the site or its functionality.


Logfiles takes advantages of log files. These comprise internet protocol (IP) addresses, sort of browser, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, sort of platform, date/time stamp and the number of clicks to examine trends for site operation, to monitor players' track, and to assemble usable definite demographic data. IP addresses concern the procurement of web-based services with personally identifiable data. The gathering of such information is necessary for us to make our services available for the player. It is also compulsory to protect our users and ourselves from fraudulent activity and to adhere to legal commitment. Improvement and promotion of our services also meet our interests.

Interaction with Players keeps interaction with players comprising data queries or client's support. This applicable to corresponding via email, the website or other ways of interaction. The gathering of the player’s private information is obligatory for us to make our facilities available for the player and to abide by legal obligations. It may also be compulsory for ensuring our contractual treaty.


We value the reliance and credibility of our customers towards our services. In turn, does not conceal the information on the way we collect your data. Primarily, the gathering of your data is crucial for making our services facilities and product available for you. Moreover, your information is exploited to customize and enhance your usage of the site and to wire you important information once in a while. In some instances, it is required to gather and exploit your data to adhere to the law. Under data protection statute, we also should determine a particular legal basis upon which we are processing your private data. We rely upon various grounds for all kinds of processing operations.

a) In accordance with the Treaty  

- when it is mandatory for fulfillment of the Treaty, the contracting party of which you are. Our T&Cs, you have agreed with while registering, expound the conditions of the Agreement and the facilities we will make available:

to make our services available to you as part of our contract
  • To offer gambling facilities and details about them; to process your requests and inquiries;
  • For "service administration aims", like password reminders, service messages, like site maintenance, renewals of Privacy and Cookies Policy or Conditions of Use, to inform you in case your account is deactivated and to inquire whether you'll activate it once again before it's closure;
  • To process your payments;
b) In accordance with legitimate concerns  

- It is mandatory to process your data for the objectives indicated below, except the cases when our concerns prevail the concerns, rights or liberties of affected figures. To define whether we can process your data on this foundation, we should take into account a lot of elements, such as the reason of providing us with this data, your expectations about the processing of the information, the origin of the data and the influence of the processing on you.

To customize your site usage
  • To provide you with more appropriate, compliant tools, we could make use of your playing history to offer customized references and facilities;
  • If you are subscribed for our trading proposals, you will get customized offers. If there is no need to get these amenities, you can easily unsubscribe from trading proposals or let support service know it
To ameliorate our tools and commodity
  • To offer the easiest online browsing and navigation;
  • For and surveillance to enhance's facilities;
  • Assessment and verification of new systems, upgrade of old systems to the new ones;
  • Estimating of marketing potency, market study, and research ;
  • Consumer simulating, statistical and trend assessment, the goal of which is enhancing and upswing of facilities and offers.
To keep in touch with you
  • Interact with you using our means of corresponding: phone, email or post or social media;
  • Control promo and tournaments you pick out;
  • Give feedback to your claims and inquiries.
To indemnify your game and make it more pleasant
  • To avert, preclude or prevent the usage of external party software in amicable gambling;
  • To avert, preclude or prevent any operations that violate the T&Cs.
c) In accordance with legitimate pledge

- when it is obligatory in order to adhere to obligatory legitimate pledge towards which we are subject under EU or regional legislation:

  • To specify where you get the facilities from to redirect you to the proper country site, based on our license terms;
  • To ascertain we provide our amenities to the right persons;
  • Disclosure, avoidance, and persecution of fraudulent activity;
  • To check your identity and find out the source of sponsorship in any payment;
  • To conduct necessary anti-fraud inspection (by carrying out online searches exploiting external party identity supplier). Please pay attention that this will not influence your credit score;
  • To estimate and control any possible risks and preclude troublesome gambling.
d) Promotional Activities and Market study

We will inform you about current offers and news about our products and facilities in different ways encompassing email, SMS, phone call, post, social media targeted ads, as long as you have settled for acquisition of these promotional communications in advance. When you register we ask you whether you don't mind getting promotional communications and you can easily modify your promotional preferences online from your account or per Email

e) Specific types of data We will only process such information in the case:
  • We got your straight approval;
  • It is obligatory for the aims of conducting commitments and implementation of specific rights of or of the information about the person regarding employment and social safety and social defense legislation;
  • It concerns private information which you have made social;
  • It is obligatory for the setting, implementation or protection of legitimate claims;
  • Is obligatory for reasons of significant popular interest, under the European Union or Member State law.


General Information

User's private information is considered and processed strictly confidentially.

Personal player data may be divulged to external parties

  • if the user has agreed with such revelation,
  • the disclosure is necessary for compliance with legal obligations to which is subject, or
  • when the revelation is obligatory for the aims of the legal interests haunted by or by an external party, with the exception of cases when the interests or basic rights and freedoms of the player transcend. only transmits information to states outside of the EU/EEA in case the receiver ensures a standard of information security corresponding to European standards (e.g. by admitting to endorsed treaty statements, intra-group arrangements or other actions created to guarantee that the receiver of private information keeps them safe). Subsequently, it is described how shares private information

Sharing of personal information within the Sharing of personal information with Service Providers

On an individual basis, makes exploits reliable external parties to treat players’ private information including but not limited to payment services, information technology, user support, sales, promoting. According to appropriate information defense standards comprising the General Data Protection Regulation, these external parties are contractually obliged to process users' information privately and confidentially.

Sharing of private information for KYC, the Prevention of Fraud and Money Laundering

In order to verify users' identity, to conduct a safety inspection, to estimate users’ adherence to our Terms and Conditions and legal commitments encompassing the avoidance of money laundering, the financing of terrorism and the minority protection, users' information may be matched against external party databases. After any indication of transactions and/or operations that may increase suspiciousness of criminal behavior, will report to the corresponding parties (e.g. police, sporting associations, private associations, whose goal is the avoidance of illegal and fraudulent activities in sports betting and/or games of chance). Accepting the Terms and Conditions and this Private Policy, the user grants his explicit consent to this treatment including inquiries for credit information and the matching of data granted against databases of external parties. The sharing of customer’s information also is compulsory to protect users and ourselves from fraud and to adhere to legal obligations.

Sharing of personal data for other goals

It may be compulsory to share private information for supplementary purposes., although will only reveal private information if and to the extent that one or more requirements set out in Sec. 6 a. are met.

Certain Excluded Revelations

We may reveal your Private Information if necessary to do so legally, or if we consider it to be a good faith that such deeds are obligatory to:

  • adhere at any legal procedure served on us, the website or the Service;
  • keep safe and uphold our rights or property;
  • act to defend the private safety of customers of the Service or the public.

If, in our opinion, you are found to have lead fraudulent activity or cheated or any other client, or if we suspect you of dishonest payment, comprising the use of snatched credit cards, or any other roguish actions (encompassing any chargeback or other reversal of a payment) or banned transaction (comprising money laundering), we leave the right to reveal this data (comprising your identity) to other online gambling sites, banks, credit card enterprises, and relevant agencies.


You may unsubscribe of getting any advertising letters either by choosing to unsubscribe or in an email you get from us or whenever you wish by emailing us at Moreover, you may write to us at the noted addresses if you:

  • wish to validate the rightness of the Private Data we have gathered about you;
  • wish to renew your Private Data or delete it;
  • have any grievance concerning our use of your Private Data.

At the behest, we will modify any data you have given us or mark any data to forbid future use, in case you provide proof as we may rightly claim for such modifications.

TIME OF STORAGE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION can store information only as long as it is necessary to fulfill the above objectives or to fulfill our legal obligations. While you are a client, we need to store information to fulfill legal and contractual requirements. In the event that you stop using the services of, your personal information may be kept for a reasonable period of time necessary to fulfill our legal obligations.

There are several reasons why we store your information, including:

  • fulfillment of legal obligations in accordance with EU legislation, as well as local legislation (for example, rules for combating money laundering);
  • Presentation or defense of legal claims that may be brought against us.


To play for real money, you will have to replenish your account and you'll also withdraw your winnings. We may make use of external party electronic payment processors and/or financial entities ("ESPs") to treat such monetary transactions. Having agreed with this Privacy Policy, you admit that Private Date obligatory for the treatment of transactions being revealed to ESPs, comprising where mandatory the transferring of data beyond your country. We make arrangements to guarantee that our actions with ESPs defend your privacy.


We leave the right to lead a confidential overview at any moment to check your identity, age and registration information indicated by you and to check your usage of the Service and your payment transactions for potential fraud. Having accepted the Privacy Policy, you let us, our staff, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents and suppliers to make use of your Private Data and to reveal your Private Data to external parties for checking the data you rendered to us in the course of using the Services, comprising the transfer of data beyond your country. Confidential overview may comprise but are not limited to asking for a credit report and/or otherwise checking the data you make available against external party databases. Moreover, to alleviate this confidential overview, you consent to provide such data or documentation as we may ask for!


We realize the significance of data safety and the techniques important for data protection. We keep all of the Private Data we obtain from you in a password-protected database which is within our confidential network behind active up-to-date firewall software. We take measures to guarantee our subsidiaries, agents affiliates and suppliers the usage of proper levels of confidentiality.

Children's protection

The website is not for children under the age of 18. Any human who makes his data available for us via any part of the Service should be 18 years old or older. We act within the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. If we discover that a minor has tried to use the service, we will not accept his data and will take measures to delete such data from our records.

International Transfers

Private Data gathered on the Service may be kept and treated in any country where the amenities are maintained. By using the Site, you agree to any transportation of data beyond the country. However, we take measures to guarantee that our affiliates, agents, subsidiaries, and suppliers adhere to our regulations of privacy.

External-Party Practices

We cannot guarantee the safeness of any data or pictures that you make available for an external-party online website that is connected with the website or any gathered by any external party managing our partner program or any other one since these external-party online serviced are possessed and manage independently. Any data gathered by these external parties is not under this Privacy Policy but under the privacy policy, if any, of these external parties.

Legal Disclaimer

The Enterprise functions "as is" and "as available," without commitments of any kind. We bear no responsibility for the occasions out of our direct control. Due to the permanent varying nature of our engineering and business, we cannot consent error-free implementation concerning the privacy of your Private Data, and we will not be responsible for any indirect, unintentional or penal injuries concerning the usage of Personal Information.

Users' Rights

The user has the right to:

  • apply for access to personal data
  • apply for updating of personal data
  • reject processing the data (e.g. for marketing activities)
  • apply for deleting of personal data
  • get data in a convenient, accessible format
  • apply for the limitation of processing personal data
  • to argue to the processing of personal data.

Some of these rights may only be asked for under certain conditions as outlined in data protection law comprising the General Data Protection Regulation.

Submittal of Complaint

If the user is not pleased with the way we operate your personal data, the user may submit a complaint to the qualified information protection authority.

Agreement with Privacy Policy.

By clicking "Yes" while registering or carrying on using the Service after the posting of this Privacy policy (as applicable) you comply with this Privacy Policy. This is our complete and comprehensive Privacy Policy and it replaces any previous edition. This Privacy Policy should be read together with our Terms and Conditions and any extra comprehensive terms placed on our online sites. We may occasionally modify this Privacy Policy, you'll get notification about the changes, but anyway we advise you to reread the Privacy Policy once in a while.